Are Wall-Mounted Faucets Better?

Choosing the perfect faucet for your house can be very difficult because there are a lot of options out in the market and everyone is trying to promote their own business. But we have come to save you from the headache as usual with the solution you need.

So, the main question is, are wall-mounted faucets better?

Wall-mounted faucets are definitely better because they come in a very modern look and they  are very easy to use. And they don’t require much space to be installed.

We have covered a lot more about wall mount faucets for your knowledge. So, let’s dive into the article and get to learn immediately.

Are Wall-Mounted Faucets Better?

Yes, it is. You might think of the opposite because it is slightly trickier to install a wall-mounted faucet as standard plumbing is designed for deck-mounted faucets.

Wall-mounted faucets are much easier to keep clean than deck-mounted faucets. As they are placed upon sinks, they do not need to be cleaned thoroughly or regularly like you need to clean the deck-mounted faucets.

Wall-mounted faucets come with unique and beautiful designs. So installing those in your bathroom or kitchen beautifies the look of your home and it describes that you got good taste in decoration.

It is also very easy to install those if you have essential knowledge of plumbing. But if you are not that dense about it, then it is wise to consult a plumber to install your wall-mounted faucets.

Is It More Expensive to Install Wall-Mounted Faucets?

Yes. Wall-mounted faucets require a tough procedure to be installed and they are pretty expensive too. So, if you are thinking of installing those in your house make sure you have a deep pocket.

Wall-mounted faucets will cost you 30% more money than installing a deck-mounted faucet. You will need 200 to 600 dollars to install these faucets at your home.Wall-Mounted Faucets

The reason behind this extra cost is that to install a wall-mounted faucet, you will need to reroute your water supply line through your walls and that’s a very tricky and expensive procedure to follow.

And the rerouting needs to be perfect because if the plumbing lines aren’t placed properly, the faucets won’t work and there will be terrible water leakage.

On the other hand, wall-mounted faucets are fancy-looking, so if you are a fan of luxury items, then wall-mounted faucets will be a perfect choice.

Overall, considering all the points, if you have money and like fancy fittings for your plumbing, you can go for wall-mounted faucets. They might burn a hole in your pocket but they will also add a nice luxury touch to your house decoration.

Do Wall-Mounted Faucets Leak?

Sadly, yes. This is one of the few problems you will have to deal with wall-mounted faucets. At first, wall-mounted faucets used to have compression valves like the ones you find in laundry faucets. But nowadays there are two types of valves, compression, and cartridge.

If your faucet handle only moves through 90 degrees then you have a cartridge valve but if the handle moves wider than 90 degrees then you have a compression valve.

Because of this difference, when your faucet leaks, you will need to apply different methods to fix your faucet. The same method won’t apply to both of them.

But the faucet will need a very minor repair that can be done very easily by anyone with minimal plumbing knowledge. But to be on the safe side, you can seek a professional plumber to help to fix your wall-mounted faucet.

Do Wall-Mount Faucets Splash?

Unfortunately, yes. As wall-mounted faucets are difficult to install, maintaining and balancing the height, depth, and alignment, these faucets are prone to splashing.Wall-Mounted Faucets

Deck-mounted faucets are usually installed in a pre-drilled wall and in that case, it’s easier to maintain the height and depth.

So, you don’t have to deal with spilling when you are using a deck-mounted faucet.

But in this modern-day, people are leaning more towards modern fittings and hence, the popularity of wall-mounted faucets come from.

Everyone likes those fancy, luxurious touches in their kitchen and bathroom.

But because of the lack of proper alignment and height measurements, wall-mounted faucets do tend to splash when you are using them. This is probably the only major problem of using a wall mount faucet.

Do Wall-Mounted Faucets have Shut Off Valves?

Yes, they do. The pipeline for wall mount faucets needs to be placed behind the walls so when you want to install a wall mount faucet, you will need to break down your drywall and install a water pipe there.

And to provide extra blocking, they contain faucet valves. We have already mentioned there are two types of faucet valves, cartridge and compression valves. Different types of faucets require different kinds of valves according to their design.

Before there were only compression valves for wall mount faucets, but now we can also see the cartridge valves in many settings.

As these valves provide extra blocking, you may still need to install new shutoff valves to provide extra blocking and it has to be installed according to the specific design faucet you already have.

But the problem is they can’t go under the faucets like the deck mount ones but you can install them while setting your water supply line for installing your wall mount at your home.

Difference Between Wall-Mount and Deck-Mount Faucets

Wall mount and deck mount faucets are totally different from each other in any way. Let’s discuss some of the differences in the following table.

Characteristics Wall mount Deck mount
Installation Tricky Easy
Cleaning Easier Harder
Maintenance Harder Easier
Countertop space required Less More
Versatility Less More

Installing a wall mount faucet is way much trickier than installing a deck mount one as you will need to install supply lines breaking down your walls. And the maintenance is much harder than deck mount ones also.Wall-Mounted Faucets

But they don’t need much countertop space to be installed whereas deck mount faucets require larger space to be installed. And cleaning wall mount faucets is much easier than the deck mount faucets.

Even though wall mount faucets have a nice, fancy, modern look, they don’t come in many designs. You may need to install the same faucet in every room of your house.

But deck mount faucets come in various designs to choose from. So, if you want diversity in the decoration of your house, then going for a deck mount will be good.

Pros and Cons of Using Wall-Mounted Faucets

Before installing wall mount faucets in your house, you need to know the upsides and downsides that come with the system so that you can decide on it without any confusion or hesitation.

Let’s discuss some pros and cons of using wall mount faucets in your house.

Things we like
  • Wall mount faucets are very easy to clean and you don’t have to worry about cleaning them every day. And this is the biggest pro of using wall mount faucets.
  • The faucets don’t require much space so you can have enough space to put your other stuff around.
  • Wall mount faucets come in many varieties, even you can install a double-jointed faucet in your bathroom and increase the elegance.
  • You don’t need to tile your wall behind your wall mount faucet. Just put up a drywall and you will be okay.
Things we didn't like
  • You will need to have a deep pocket to install wall mount faucets.
  • The installation process is very difficult and hassling. So, consulting a professional plumber is a must.
  • Doesn’t come in much design. So you wind up with the same types of design while you want to change any faucets.


Hope you could find out if wall-mounted faucets are better for your house. Now you can choose a faucet of your choice that goes perfectly with your house.

But make sure you are getting the best product in the market because these fittings are a longtime investment for your home.

If you use cheaper products, you might wind up changing them more often and end up spending more money than you should have. So, try to get the best product even if it costs a bit much.

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