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Human life is full of sudden accidents. It is uncertain that anything can happen in the next minute. So, I always need precautions. From the kitchen to the road you are walking, you must remain conscious of your safety. Many people unconsciously burn their hands in the kitchen, especially when taking out a pot from the microwave or stove. Often I have faced this problem many times in my life. Then, I heard about Safe Grabs from my friend and read the Safe Grabs review. Then, I purchased it online and found it beneficial. If you use Safe Grabs in your kitchen work, it will help you in many ways.  It will reduce kitchen accidents because it heats resistant, flexible, and has a unique design.

What is Safe Grabs?

Safe Grabs are usually used as kitchen tools to hold the hot appliance. You can also use it to cover any food in the pot, or you can hold anything tightly with this.  Actually, this is a product that you can use to multi-task. Sometimes I use these Grabs to open a Jar. according to Nerd Know Better it can tolerate up to 246.111° Celcius temperature. It has a strong grip with non-slip quality. I often use it as a mate to keep the bowl on the surface. There is a minimum chance to fall any pot from it.

I found the surface of Safe Grabs is completely non-sticky. So, there is less possibility to attach food and oil to it. I can easily wash with dish-liquid soap without any hassle.

Why is Safe Grabs different from its Competitors?

You may find traditional Pot Holders in various colors and cute designs. All of them are made with thin material and don’t have enough heat resistance. Besides, Safe Grabs is made with BPA-Free silicone with a gripper.

Safe Grabs doesn’t contain any toxic chemicals which may cause any danger. The flexibility, and thin design with enough heat resistance make it different and multi-functional from its competitors.

Features of Safe Grabs

Safe Grabs is completely different from traditional Pot holders. You can use it in hot and cool temperatures. Its unique features make it worthy of the customers. Let’s see some of them below.

It is made with Food Grade material like silicon which is BPA-free. So it is safe to use in shallow temperatures.

It works non-toxic in different temperatures and can absorb heat up to 475 degrees Fahrenheit.

It comes with two different round diameters. One is 12 inches, and the other is 10 inches. You can use those two diameters to perform different works.

This item is dishwasher safe. You can clean it with other kitchen accessories.

Benefits of Safe Grabs

As it is used to multi-task, the benefits of Safe Grabs are enormous. Let’s have an eye on those benefits which I have found from its features.

Multi-functional- This is a cross-functional product. You can use these Grabs in many ways. To hold hot kitchen appliances, for jar openers, food covers, placemats, and pot-grabbers. For its so many uses in your daily life, it became a part of the kitchen.

Comes in a variety of colors- Colors have a relation to lifting anyone’s moods. This multi-functional Grab has six different colors. More color, more betterness of mind. You can buy any of your chosen colors as you want.

Hassle-Free Cleaning- Kitchen appliances must be free from the hassle of cleaning. You can clean this non-stick Grab with your regular dishwasher, or sometimes you can wash it only with water. You need not do an extra thing to clean it.

Easy to Store- This can be placed anywhere. You can store it in your microwave. It will make your food reheat and make it more convenient. It places less space so you can put it after work anywhere.

Refrigerator Safe- It is essential to ensure the safety of your food in the refrigerator. This mate can be used to cover your food in a refrigerator. It will be best, and your food will be fresh.

Perfect Jar Opener- This Safe Grab is perfect for a Jar opener. You can hold any Jar tightly to open it. It will not slip as it is made with a silicone grip. You can safely open any Jar without any hassle.

Portable- The best part of this Safe Grabs is it can be used on any occasion and can carry in anywhere. It is simple in size and lightweight.

How to Use Safe Grabs as a Microwave Mat?

  • Though this Safe Grab is in many ways, I will show you How I use Safe Grabs as a Microwave Mat. Here’s How
  • First, I put Safe Grabs under the dish and keep them in the Microwave.
  • When the food became hot enough, I turned off the switch.
  • Turn out the dish by holding the Safe Grab.
  • The Safe Grab is made with heat-resistant technology so burning my hand is impossible.
  • Then I put the mat on the table safely with Hot dishes.

How Does Safe Grabs Work?
Safe Grab works in many different ways. But mainly it is used for holding the hot accessories in Kitchen works. It mainly prevents your hand from burning. Besides its main purposes, I use it to perform many works. The best thing I found on this mat is it is perfect for opening a Jar. If you feel any difficulty opening any tight Jar, try with Safe Grabs.
Safe Grabs is non made with unhealthy chemicals. So it is extensively safe for your body. There is no possibility of contaminating any harmful chemicals in your food.

Is It a Scam?

After hearing so much about Safe Grabs from my closest friend, I have been using it for 2 months. Before I purchased it, I got confused if it was real or either a scam. But I was completely wrong. I found this product as it promises. In a short period of time, it catches my mind with its great service. Safe Grabs will save you from Kitchen Accidents. It will also keep your hands safe from any kind of danger.


Using Safe Grab gives you not only safety but also makes your daily work. Safe Grab is simple to use with lots of benefits and advancement. I am delighted with using Safe Grab. Also, all my family members use Safe Grab when they do kitchen work. It really ensures the safety and prevents burning one’s hand.

Mumtahina Adira

Hello World! I am Home Improvement blog writer of KnowBend. I also try to use the product and then write a review about the product, so that my audience is not harmed.

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