Are Chimeneas Better Than Fire Pits? Which One To Choose!

Are Chimeneas Better Than Fire Pits?

The fire features make our days way more enjoyable when the temperature is dropped. Homeowners love to spend quality time in their backyard enjoying outdoor heating.

If you are planning to do so, you need to research what are the best choices you can make to get the best outcome. So, today’s burning question is “Are chimineas better than fire pits?” Well, there’s no one-word answer. Please go through the whole article to get to know which one is the best fit for you.

Let’s jump in, shall we?

Basic Differences Between Chimeneas and Firepits

Before we go to the comparison field, let’s just know what are the key differences between chimeneas and firepits.


The visible difference between fire pits and chimineas is their designs. For clearance, fire pits are like a big bowl and they have an open design- fire pits do not have any chimney attached to them. The design of fire pits makes them more suitable for a larger space.

On the other hand, the shape of chimeneas is like a jar or vase. Chimeneas are fire bowls that stand in a vertical position.


Firepits do not work to control sparks and ashes. But chimeneas work as a guard between wind gusts and fire.


Firepits are incredibly resistant and can absorb heat to a huge extent. On the contrary, chimeneas tend to turn hot and it depends on the chimney’s surface material if it is metal or terra cotta. So, a chimney is a heat reflector.


Firepits turn the patio into smoky- the smoke can flow in any direction, whereas chimeneas keep it utterly unaffected by the smoke.


Chimeneas only allow those logs that will easily go through any narrow entry. But we already mentioned before that fire pits have a wide opening, so they can easily fill in larger pieces.

Usage and Safety

Chimeneas are versatile heating apparatus that is used in cold months. But fire pits are an ideal choice for enjoying the pleasure of fire in cold months. However, the wide-open space makes fire pits a bit less than chimeneas.

Chimeneas or Fire Pits?

You have already known about the key differences between fire pits and chimineas. But if you want a head-to-head comparison between them, then here you go with the information in a detailed manner.


Fire Pits are less expensive: Yes, they are more affordable than chimeneas. Fire Pits come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. The average cost for fire pits is generally $70-$150.

So, chimeneas are more expensive than fire pits. $150-$600 is the average rate of chimeneas. But the price will vary for the materials like if it is made of cast aluminum, clay, or anything else.

So, if you are searching for something budget-friendly, you may go for fire pits.

Visual Appeal

Are Chimeneas Better Than Fire Pits

We already said that fire pits have a wide opening, so fire pits are a better option for larger crowds. However, firepits come with a more rustic appeal and for the wide opening, they are visually accessible from every angle.

Chimeneas comes with an inviting, warm appeal though it’s dependent on the style.


Firepits offer you low maintenance, they are easier to clean than chimeneas. You can very easily remove the ash because of the wide-open pit. A point to be noted here, is in case you have a fire pit that is ‘freestanding’ then you can move it easily as well as dump the ash even wherever you want.

Chimeneas require higher maintenance than firepits. You have to empty the chimney of ash to keep them burning cleaner and hotter. You can scoop it out to remove the ash manually. This may be a tough job that varies from how large the access is to the opening of the chimney.


Fire Pits are easier to store in a garage or shed, even way easier if it is a freestanding fire pits. So, when you want to remove the item, a fire pit will be a great choice. However, in case, you plan to build a fire pit in the ground then set your mind to cover the fire pit when in no use.

On the other hand, chimeneas are quite heavier than fire pits. Generally, homeowners simply leave their chimeneas in a place year-round. Hence, you can use something to cover your chimney for protecting it from the elements rather than moving it indoors.


For being more open, fire pits require different safety concerns. Besides, smoke or ash may blow out of the firepit which is unwanted. So, you may wish to get a screen (especially if you are considering flying ash).

Chimeneas will be very hot to the touch since it burns (even after the fire is out). However, chimeneas are not as open as firepits, so, it can happen that those who are on the other side may not know that this is burning.

Why Should You Go For Fire Pits?

After the long discussion, it’s clear that there is no direct answer to the question of which one is better. However, some facts may lead someone to pick firepits. Such as:

  • For campfire activities or large gatherings, the fire pit is the best option.
  • Fire pits are inexpensive and will allow you to enjoy a 360 view of the fire.
  • One can build a fire pit oneself using fire-rated gravel and bricks.
  • Roasting hot dogs or marshmallows over a fire pit is a great option.
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So, this is all we had to say to you. Since we tried to sum up everything you want to know about the features of chimineas and fire pits, we can hope that we didn’t waste your time.

So, isn’t the answer to ‘Are chimeneas better than fire pits?’ the question is crystal clear to you? Hopefully, your answer is yes. However, that was a question that requires a long explanation- a one-word answer isn’t enough for it. For this, we tried our best to make your path smoother.

Now, go and choose one option between them, good luck to you!

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