8 Recipes for Meat Goat Raising Fattening and Cost Savings

Recipes for Meat Goat

The finished goats or meat goats have become additional and additional in style economic animals in our homes. particularly among Thai Muslims each in terms of shoppers and shoppers, there’s a value for the farm at eighty – a hundred and twenty tical/kilogram (the value goes down over time).

It’ll take concerning four months to feed the finished amount. can create the load per body concerning twenty-five – twenty-seven kilograms once marketing can get a value of two,000 – 3,000 tical per.

The price of raising the most goat can lodge in the food cost In raising sensible, strong, sensible weight should be fed each within the kind of pellets and rough foods, which is able to facilitate to cut back the value of the food.

And if you recognize a way to regulate the formula to create rough food will turn out super molecule, increase weight, not allergic to food pellets in any respect, so reducing the value of goat-fed food by creating coarse food from goats from eight recipes of goat-fed meat (fattening goats). To be mentioned nowadays so could be thanks to increasing financial gain from shoppers.

1. Using Bananas to Feed the Goat

The use of bananas to feed the goat is a way to save more than half the cost And a recipe for simple local materials,

1. banana, sliced, chopped 1 from.

2. capita food grain (the amount of shift to some extent with banana pepper).

How to Make:

Bring the mixture to the banana. Food heads in a pickup truck And brought it to the goat to eat According to the above formula, 20 goats can be fed/meal.

2. Using Acacia Leaves for Raising Goats

Acacia could be a plant that’s simple to grow, grow fast. With high macromolecule and minerals thus appropriate to be accustomed raise four animals like goats, sheep, cattle, buffaloes that square measure plants that are promoted as animal food since the year 2525.

However in tree, there’s a substance known as Mimoxine (DHP ) that is venomous to kine can lead to weak and sick kine it’s a organ, swollen, growing, homopharynx, incomplete.

Inflicting health to deteriorate however in transferal tree to goat not found any issues if used as a supplement. By crushing each branch and leaves or cutting into giant branches place during a goat to eat can facilitate keep the goat healthy.

3. the Utilization of Feather Palm for Raising Goats

To lift goats Is approach differently in a different way in our own way otherwise to avoid wasting prices appropriate for farmers within the southern region searching for raw materials like bananas or tree will lead the feather palm leaves to use as a goat instead by transferal the leaves and also the way of the oil into the chopper into rough items Prepare to own enough sacks.

By getting ready every day so the feather palm isn’t dried so visit feed the goats at the side of the feeding of the goats by feeding two goats per day. One goat can eat the cut oil and also the concentrate within the following ratio: two kilograms of cut oil per zero.4 kilo thick food.

The 30-way cut palm is wont to feed up to a hundred goats per meal. Goat farming by this technique can facilitate farmers to scale back the price of concentrate additionally the} goats grow well And also helps to scale back diseases caused by varied parasites additionally.

4. Using Palm Oil Cake for Raising Goats

The use of oil palm cake Processed oil trunk out to the party, which is effective in enhancing immune disease with this formula

1. Penny cake, palm oil, 100 kg

2. palm kernel oil, 50 kg

3. 50 ahead. Kg (1 sack)

How to Make:

bring the palm cake Palm seeds and food heads Mix together and mix well. Then bring the fattened goats eat 2 times per day – morning and evening to eat the goat breeder is the morning.

5. Using Soybean Skin for Raising Goats

Raising Goats

Milled bean skin contains high protein and nutrients. The use of raising goats meat will make the goat meat beautiful. Eat good quality according to the following formula:

1. 1 portion of ready-to-eat food

2. 1 part of soybean skin 1 part

3. Any grass 1 part

How to Make:

Mix all ingredients and pour into the food trough for the goat to eat Supplements within the evening only 1 meal solely this may get sensible quality goat meat.

Additional advice: till the goat is full within the afternoon, he free a goat to eat some grass. Goats have some exercise.

And within the morning shouldn’t let goats out as a result of within the morning there’ll be parasitic eggs on the bottom, the grass might cause the goat to be in danger of wellness.

6. Using Cassava to Raise Goats

This formula will make goats get enough nutrients for their needs.

1. 1 part cassava

2. Acacia 1 part

3. 1 part bran

4. Soybean meal 1 part

How to Make:

Take tapioca and acacia to chop thoroughly Then mixed with soybean meal and bran to combine, then brought to goats to eat.

7. Using Corn for Raising Goats

Raising goats Is a protein for meat goats And can help reduce costs by almost 2 times.

1. 30 kg of chopped corn.

2. Trees and chopped acacia leaves 3 kg

3. Crushed sago residue 2 kg.

How to Make:

Mix all ingredients together. Then put it in a black bag, big, clean (new) tie the bag tightly and do not let the weather has left them seven days prior to the Goats.

8. Using Salt Grass for Raising Goats

Using Salt Grass for Raising Goats

Making salt grass Is one way of preserving the goat’s food To be able to keep for a long time And is equivalent to a protein concentrate with

1 grass feather grass (1-year-old), acacia, corn, cassava, palm oil, sugar cane leaves, etc. Anyone or a combination of any of the 10 100 kg, or

2. 1 kg of granular salt or 1 part

3. 200-liter fermentation tank.

How to Make:

Divide the salt from one kg into four components and so bring the grass or material in Article one to cut into tiny items or grind totally, then sprinkle salt one half over very cheap of the fermentation tank.

Then place the grass right down to the complete Stepped on the grass to collapse, inflicting the grass to collapse to the tank Sprinkle the salt within the second half.

Let the remainder of the grass go down. throttle Finally, add the remaining a pair of components of salt, then shut the tank tightly, infuse for twenty-one days.

It may be accustomed to feed goats. By delivery them to goats to eat a pair of meals on a daily basis, breakfast – evening. creating salt-cured grass may be held on for up to one year.

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